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US-7211844-B2: Vertical field effect transistors incorporating semiconducting nanotubes grown in a spacer-defined passage patent, US-7560166-B2: Adhesive article, composite article, and methods of making the same patent, US-8017665-B2: Ophthalmic devices containing heterocyclic compounds and methods for their production patent, US-7444300-B1: Method and system for improved fund investment and trading processes patent, US-7436458-B2: Digital broadcast receiver unit patent, US-8442700-B2: Mobile station for unmanned vehicle patent, US-7890767-B2: Virtual smart card system and method patent, US-8332813-B2: Service re-factoring method and system patent, EP-2150934-A1: Améliorations dans ou relatives à des techniques de recherche patent, US-8428952-B2: Text-to-speech user's voice cooperative server for instant messaging clients patent, US-7296460-B2: Apparatus and process for sensing fluoro species in semiconductor processing systems patent, US-7163706-B2: Ventilated closure strips for use in packaging food products patent, US-7069343-B2: Topology discovery by partitioning multiple discovery techniques patent, US-7131926-B2: Multiple gear stage automatic transmission patent, US-7855488-B2: Piezoceramic device patent, US-8127067-B1: High latency interface between hardware components patent, US-7569485-B2: Method for an integrated circuit contact patent, US-7923620-B2: Practice mode for multiple musical parts patent, US-8227815-B2: Lighting device patent, US-8557961-B2: Alpha 1-antitrypsin compositions and methods of making and using same patent, US-7080476-B2: Flexible fishing lure tails and appendages patent, US-8544130-B2: Curved transition plates for pivotal dock leveler decks patent, US-7634431-B2: Systems and methods for costing reciprocal relationships patent, US-8521967-B1: Network computing systems having shared memory clouds with addresses of disk-read-only memories mapped into processor address spaces patent, US-7890393-B2: Method and system for completing a transaction between a customer and a merchant patent, US-7813510-B2: Key management for group communications patent, US-6888143-B2: Apparatus and method for inspecting pre-fastened articles patent, US-7464058-B2: System and method for generating new licenses patent, US-6893366-B2: Vibration dampening grip patent, US-7534543-B2: Texture control of thin film layers prepared via laser induced thermal imaging patent, US-7476251-B2: Interspinous process apparatus and method with a selectably expandable spacer patent, US-7262693-B2: Process field device with radio frequency communication patent, US-8439334-B2: Spring-mounted vibration system to reduce vibration patent, US-7709697-B2: Transgenic plants expressing CIVPS or intein modified proteins and related method patent, US-7495848-B2: Cast laser optical bench patent, US-8161730-B2: Apparatus, system, and method for reducing NOx emissions on an SCR catalyst patent, US-8463000-B1: Content identification based on a search of a fingerprint database patent, US-7489801-B2: Encoding and decoding signals for digital watermarking patent, US-8290129-B2: Medical monitoring system having multiple communications channels patent, US-8538532-B2: Electrical stimulation therapy to promote gastric distention for obesity management patent, US-7771481-B2: Total disc implant patent, US-8164048-B2: Nuclear gauges and methods of configuration and calibration of nuclear gauges patent, US-7670339-B2: Expandable orthopedic device patent, US-7989415-B2: Peptides, derivatives and analogs thereof, and methods of using same patent, US-8444646-B2: Bone preparation tool kit and associated method patent, US-7900309-B2: Powered toothbrush patent, US-7537596-B2: Bone plates with intraoperatively tapped apertures patent, US-7636595-B2: Method and apparatus for calibrating non-linear instruments patent, US-8265977-B2: Electronic employee selection systems and methods patent, US-7049102-B1: Multi-gene expression profile patent, US-8502200-B2: Electroluminescent light-emitting device comprising an arrangement of organic layers, and method for its production patent, US-7995927-B2: Transceiver module and integrated circuit with dual eye openers patent, US-8114850-B2: Antiproliferative activity of G-rich oligonucleotides and method of using same to bind to nucleolin patent, US-7994863-B2: Electronic system having common mode voltage range enhancement patent, US-8300943-B2: Forms for completion with an electronic writing device patent, US-8340348-B2: Methods and apparatus for thwarting watermark detection circumvention patent, US-7707197-B2: System and method for filtering and organizing items based on common elements patent, US-7934232-B1: Navigation paradigm for access to television services patent, US-8026764-B2: Generation and amplification of substantially constant envelope signals, including switching an output among a plurality of nodes patent, US-686214-A: Cultivator. patent, US-687742-A: Washing-machine. patent, US-689845-A: Mechanism for controlling cutting-tools of lathes, &c. patent, US-690329-A: Button-sewing machine. patent, US-697975-A: Fountain-pen. patent, US-724744-A: Fireproof wall, &c. patent, US-730559-A: Valve and valve-seat. patent, US-741174-A: Drag-sawing machine. patent, US-7430226-B2: Dispersion managed fiber stretcher for high-energy short pulse femotosecond fiber laser system patent, US-744694-A: Oil reservoir or tank. patent, US-746311-A: Cooling-board. patent, US-755000-A: Valve device. patent, US-765484-A: Compensating pipe-joint. patent, US-766357-A: Window ventilating-lock. patent, US-772588-A: Automatic indicator for scales patent, US-774677-A: Elastic horn-like substance and process of producing same. patent, US-778430-A: Rod-packing. patent, US-78093-A: Improvement in machines foe polishing wood patent, US-783960-A: Machine for forming briquets. patent, US-787299-A: Rocking-chair. patent, US-789573-A: Insulator. patent, US-789749-A: Carbureter for gas-engines. patent, US-790395-A: Process of producing low-carbon metals or alloys. patent, US-790483-A: Stay for suit-cases, &c. patent, US-791192-A: Carbureter for explosive-engines. patent, US-806614-A: Stove attachment. patent, US-823431-A: Wave-motor. patent, US-831685-A: Variable-speed device. patent, US-833167-A: Lamp-stand. patent, US-848639-A: Support for gas-generators. patent, US-855719-A: Air cooling and humidifying apparatus. patent, US-6848161-B1: Gasket installation apparatus patent, US-7452716-B2: Expression vectors containing hybrid ubiquitin promoters patent, US-8420477-B2: Method for fabricating a gate dielectric layer and for fabricating a gate structure patent, US-6996755-B2: Squence control circuit patent, US-7042642-B2: Diffractive optical element patent, US-7088453-B2: Optical device having a rotatable birefringent crystal patent, US-7181474-B2: Database communication system and method for communicating with a database patent, US-7388701-B2: Optical modulator patent, US-7474830-B2: System and method for determining fiber characteristics patent, US-7719505-B2: Display device and driving method thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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